About Us

Chambers Commercial Real Estate was established in 2000 by Bruce A. Chambers. Over the past 17 years, we have come to be recognized as one of the preeminent real estate companies in the Anchorage area. We are proud to have developed beneficial relationships with lenders, inspectors, contractors and a wide range of  professionals in Anchorage. These relationships allow us to ensure you receive the support you need to get the best deal possible whether you are an owner, investor, buyer or seller. We specialize in the following areas:


Chambers Commercial Real Estate has agents who have been in the commercial real estate industry for 39 years. They have seen the industry grow & develop and have learned the ins and outs of the market based on current economic trends.


The agents at Chambers Commercial Real Estate have backgrounds in commercial construction and finance.  Unlike many real estate companies, our agents don’t just understand purchasing, selling and leasing property, but they have in-depth knowledge of every aspect and cost of developing commercial real estate from breaking ground to the completed building. Through our own experience developing properties, we not only have the knowledge but have also created strong, working relationships with contractors, architects, lenders & inspectors.  Our agents know the right people to go to in order for you to receive the highest quality work available and the best service possible.


One factor to consider while purchasing or leasing commercial property is what your total operating expenses are going to be. The staff at Chambers Commercial Real Estate also manage multiple commercial properties. This involvement gives us accurate knowledge of the current price of utilities, maintenance, and other costs associated with running your business. We can help you figure out your all-in costs after you have settled into your new space and are operating your business.