Chambers Commercial Real Estate
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Chambers Commercial Real Estate
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At Chambers Commercial Real Estate, we provide a number of services to help you with your commercial property.

Commercial ​Leasing

We can market your property, show your property, and make any potential tenants pass our testing process to ensure they are a high quality renter for your location. We will save you hours of your time, get you the best market rate possible for your building, work with you through lease negotiations, insurance requirements, etc. to turn your property into an income producing property.

Property Sale

We know how to price your property, market your property, and make the cold calls in order to secure you a highly qualified buyer at the best price possible. We will be there at your side to discuss offers, appraisals, Environmental surveys, due diligence findings, and be there during all of the stages of the negotiation process to ensure a smooth and fair transaction.


Do you own a business that is currently leasing? We can help you secure financing, find a property, and have the business pay for your asset. Are you a large business owner looking for additional sites or locations? We work harder here at Chambers and won't just show you "what's on the market". We like to dig and find the best site possible, not the one that is already available.

1031 Tax Exchange

This form of selling property is known as the "tax free" exchange. This allows a property owner to sell one piece of property and acquire a new property while avoiding capital gains taxes on the sale. This is a superb tool for investors who are "rolling up" their property into a larger, more profitable site.